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The mission of TRABDESIGN is the search for a contemporary architectural language, able to relate to the local tradition at different scales. This can only happen through an intense dialogue with the natural and/or urban landscape, through the quality and proportions of the spaces and the accurate design of details adopting, evoking and enhancing the use of traditional materials and craftsmanship.


In addition to projects using conventional structural systems, TRABDESIGN is committed to a researching and interpreting traditional rammed earth construction, applied in a traditional way (as in Villa TRM) as well as together with reinforced concrete structures (as in Villa HKM).


An architectural project is the result of different combined stands of work. TRABDESIGN can deal with the whole process: selecting the more suitable site (in case of a new construction) or existing architecture (for renovations and reuse), assisting the customers during the purchase stages, proposing the best architectural solutions, following official procedures in order to obtain the necessary permits, coordinating the various professionals involved, ensuring the proper realization of the project in every detail, including the choice or the design of furniture and objects.

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